Video Course for HEALTH Professionals

Course 1 – The Obese Child, Adolescent & Family
Course 2 – Biopsychosocial Assessment of Obese Children & Adolescents
Course 3 – Family-Based Treatment of Child & Adolescent Obesity



PROBLEM – Child obesity is a major national health problem. Family-based care has demonstrated remarkable effectiveness, yet remains unavailable in most communities, primarily due to an insufficiency of providers. Most obese children still receive no meaningful care for their condition.

RESPONSE – Balboa Publishing, through its SHAPEDOWN Pediatric Obesity Program and JUST FOR KIDS! Obesity Prevention Program supports child and adolescent obesity specialists worldwide. This training is an integral part of that support.

TRAINING – Training is based on a model of care in which a provider with interdisciplinary skills functions within an interdisciplinary team of consultants. The provider conducts biopsychosocial assessments that aid the child and family in clarifying the etiology and consequences of the problem. The care plan is individualized, targeting the medical, affective, behavioral and interactional contributors. Family-based group and individual treatments are offered.


These courses deepen technical knowledge and enhance clinical skills and the assessment and treatment of child and adolescent obesity. More than 100 videotapes of patient encounters – group and the exceptional faculty create a stimulating, interactive training experience.

What Advanced Course Participants Say…

Incredibly well organized and informative.

Left me knowing more about obesity and about myself.

It was great! I’m very excited to start our next group with this new knowledge!

his is amazing! I acclaim the brilliance, sensitivity and capable way of dispensing information and techniques.

Opened my eyes to more family dynamics!

Thought the instructors were excellent, material thorough and concept exciting.

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